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Lee County Clerk of Court, Florida Gulf Coast University, City of Fort Myers, Youth Intervention Program Association (YIPA), Redeemer Center for Life, American Diabetes Association, Office of Police Conduct Review, Minnesota Association of Resources for Recovery and Chemical Health, Minnesota Association Children Mental Health, Minnesota Occupational Therapists, Good Leadership Enterprises, Health Counseling Services, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, Unity South, Intuitive Forum

Videos and Testimonials

Ellie has been a treasure to work with. Her positive energy radiates from the onset of the process through to follow up! If you haven't had the opportunity, please do yourself a favor and attend her workshop. The "Empowering You" program was very well received.

Judy Marcucci, PHR, SRM-CP

I enjoyed this class tremendously. I wish it would have lasted longer. This class made me think a lot of different things about myself and brought a lot of things from inside me to the surface. I welcomed and needed that. I loved the fact that we shared and had discussion about what we felt. I was comfortable in doing that and did it without feeling like I was being judged in any manner. I felt that Ellie was a great teacher in many ways and with just the few things that were covered it had a tremendous impact on me. I would like to see a Part 2 in the future. What a GREAT CLASS! I had an incredible eye awakening and fun time. Thank you for offering it, and I am looking forward to a part 2 session with Ellie.

Debby Schaefer, Lee County Clerk Employee

As I practice, I feel more connected to my being. It has been rewarding to get in touch with my inner self. Each choice takes me closer to what I am meant to become. "With Meditative Movements, it can help us be ready to receive the gentle tug of the Spirit. I like to look at it as individuals, we are strong. Together, with God we are unstoppable. As we get healthy emotionally and physically, great things happen."

Gladys Girardot, Florida Gulf Coast University Student

I found it to be a very uplifting and a positive program. I wished it was longer. Ellie did a good job presenting new material and having us try it out. On a personal note, I eliminated a lot of my "worrying" with what I learned.

City of Fort Myers Employee

We loved the session especially exploring our own response to change exercise. As we help our clients recover from their addictions, we strive to increase their self-awareness, listen to their body clues and find ways to self-soothe. The Meditative Movements are simple, easy to do and meet this need. Also the movements can be done anytime and can help our clients get through their trigger points.

Hazelden Betty Ford Clinical Director

The voice in my head was beating me up so much that I drained my resilience. Ellie caught me at the right time and introduced me to affirmations and Meditative Movement. I've learned to crave the meditative repetition and to also work on my faith. In short, she is teaching me how to be my own best friend. Read entire testimonial

Paul Batz, Good Leadership Enterprises

Ellie Peterson is professional, personable, intelligent, and charismatic. She combines all of these qualities to create a presentation on Meditative Movements™ that is dynamic, motivational, energizing, and fun!

Karen Finck Owner of Health Counseling Services

First Ellie skillfully guided us through some simple, fun mindfulness activities reminding us of our interconnectedness. She then facilitated an impactful discussion enabling us to successfully identity key strategic meaningful outcomes. From this concerted effort, we were able to develop a cohesive draft strategic plan.

Michael Browne Director of Office of Police Conduct Review

Ellie's presentation was a great kick start to our long day of meetings. First, she educated us on her mind, body and spirit exercise program and then we had the opportunity to follow along. I found her program helped us break down barriers and we felt more relaxed with each other. I'd recommend having Ellie share her program with any group that wants to feel more connected and wants to have fun doing it.

Linda Walton, Executive Director, Chanhassen Area Chamber of Commerce

Our Mind & Body Spiritual Center in Minneapolis has enjoyed Ellie's messages related to mind/body ideas and practices. She is well prepared, and speaks with enthusiasm, humor and charm. Inspirational and delightful!

Reverend Joanne Biewald, Mind Body Spiritual Center

"I visited one of Ellie's hour-long programs and watched her transition a tired group of social workers (after lunch and a full morning of content, no less) from tired, to interested, to energized. Ellie's message, that Creating Positive Energy in the Workplace can create happier, healthier and more productive workplaces, is both practical and powerful!"

Robin Getman, CSP (professional speaker, trainer and humorist)

Ellie spoke to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Staff about visualizations, affirmations and Meditative Movements. She was able to convey the importance of positive thinking and relate it to our situations. The information she shared will be helpful for our volunteers, especially those training for endurance events. I felt her presentation was valuable.

Courtney Kelly | Campaign Director

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