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Individuals practicing Meditative Movements

Ellie gives inspiring keynote addresses, facilitates impactful workshops and conducts online trainings. Her interactive presentations can be customized to meet your objectives, learning style and budget.

Our mindfulness based programs include Ellie's Meditative Movements™ which have been found to reduce anxiety, depression, and fatigue, while improving emotional and functional well-being per the University of Minnesota 2017 research study. The movements are adaptable to anyone's physical ability and can easily be performed during the day to release stress when you feel it.

Below are our most requested programs. We are happy to customize our program deliveries to meet your objectives.

Ellie's number is 612-710-3415 or send her an email so she can find out how she can serve you best.

Together let's find out what is possible in your life.

Busy Professionals Self-Care

Self-care is essential for your success as a busy professional. When you are feeling healthy and happy, you enjoy working. Any challenges that come your way are managed with greater confidence. You are able to release negative stress, replenish your own positive energy and establish healthy emotional boundaries. You can live your life with an empowered mind and fit body.

  • Experience mindfulness activities
  • Develop strategies for successful behavior changes
  • Practice Meditative Movements in your daily routine

Empowering You

Empowered individuals take charge of their life. This interactive session gives you daily exercises so you can feel energized and excited about yourself and your career. Download Empowering Employees for Effective Change brochure

  • Explore your own response to change
  • Learn simple office Meditative Movements™ to release stress while cultivating positivity
  • Create a simple "Take Care of Me" plan

Say Yes to Life

Death, illness, divorce, job transitions and other losses can cause us to feel overwhelmed. Life as you knew it is gone. If your existing coping strategies need updating, you are ready for this course.

  • Give you tools to use everyday that support your new life
  • Uncover your blocks when Saying Yes to Life
  • Gain more confidence that you can embrace any future life changes

3 Simple Steps to Having More Energy - Every Day!

Rushing to get everything done from the time you wake up until you go to sleep can wear you out. But you can actually get more done with less effort. This entertaining presentation will introduce powerful energizing activities you can use every day:

  • Transform self talk that takes energy into ideas that give you energy
  • Move your body in ways to release stress and increase your energy
  • Become calmer quicker to access your naturally rejuvenating energy

Change a Negative Habit into a Positive One

You've tried to change a negative habit yet success has eluded you. You can create changes you want in your life when you learn the fundamentals of the change process. This empowering presentation gives you the insights you need to make positive changes:

  • Discover your own response to change
  • Learn daily practices that support your changing behavior
  • Develop success patterns that can be used to continue creating change in any area of your life

5 Easy Ways to Increase Your Recovery Success

When you are recovering from an addiction, you need to discover new ways of being in the world. For those of you who have lingering feels of fear, self-pity, anger, and worthlessness believing in a good life can be a challenge. By implementing these skills into your existing recovery program, you can increase your recovery success. This encouraging presentation will:

  • Give you tools to use everyday that support your new life
  • Create a sense of peace and calm in your life today
  • Gain more confidence that you can embrace any future life changes

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