Ellie Peterson Speaking

Having worked as a professional at Fortune 500 companies, Ellie knows the importance of working in healthy and productive environments. Simply put, you can have fun, get things done on time and within budget with little to no drama. She believes Human Resource professionals are seeking low-cost, easy to implement solutions so they can empower their employees to be healthier, happier and feel whole.

Ellie graduated from the College of St. Catherine, Minnesota in 1992. Since that time she has:

Ellie Having Fun Speaking

Ellie's skillful storytelling engages you and you come to believe in yourself and your own power to create change. While change takes effort, she makes it fun. Seeing results adds to the momentum. The biggest obstacles we face in achieving what we want are ourselves. True there are outside circumstances that may seem daunting, however, once we learn to nurture ourselves, those obstacles are surmountable.

Ellie is experiencing life beyond her wildest dreams. She has a healthy, wholesome relationship with herself. Feeling worthwhile and capable of living life are exemplified by her personal and business adventures. She has remarried and continually experiences the growth that close relationships offer. Her relationship with her children and six grandchildren is precious: she feels supported and appreciated. As a non smoker, she has been able to naturally maintain a healthy weight, with no dieting and no medications. She is no longer running marathons, yet enjoys following her Meditative Movements that keep her healthy, strong and peaceful.

She finds Florida winters more enjoyable than Minnesota ones. She loves reading, writing, travelling and learning.

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